A couple of days ago, I was on my way to meet up with my book accountability coach Elly McGuinness for a lunch time catch up.  We meet in person once a month to tick off the agreed action steps to achieve from the month before.

Elly had communicated beforehand that the meal would be vegetarian which I was inspired by because I love to try new foods.  Something ventured is something gained.  I stopped in at a  local supermarket on the way to purchase some food items because I didn’t want to turn up empty handed.  Elly is gluten free meaning extra care at what went into the shopping basket.

As I was making my way back to the car in the car park, there it appeared in the corner of my eye.  It soon conjured up another mental picture and before I knew it, I was imagining the taste after biting into one.  It was a KB’s Bakery.  It was a place that sold sausage rolls.  Rolled up meat in pastry.  I love biting into sausage rolls from a KB’s Bakery.

This was not an item on the agreed action steps and because it wasn’t, who then would ever know that I did?  Eat one.  Except when I was at the counter, I purchased two!  As I departed the shop, I looked around to see if anyone recognised me to scurry back to the car.  Yay, I was safe in my own company.  Not guilty your honor!

I extricated one sausage roll just enough to take the first bite, being extra careful not to disperse crumbs anywhere and leave any signs of evidence.  The first delicious bite didn’t even touch the sides before I chomped a second.  As I was chewing, I happened to look down at my lap.

TR13 Dr Rodney FordThere, on my sausage roll packaging was Dr. Rodney Ford looking straight back up at me.  I know Rodney very well through our association with Toastmasters and National Speakers and even though it was a picture, it might as well have been him in the flesh!  I coughed and simultaneously spat a piece of the sausage roll projectile that lodged itself into the dashboard grill as crumbs of pastry sprayed 180° to float what seemed like slow motion down.  Everywhere.


What was even more satirical was the message from Rodney on the packaging, it was about “Could Gluten be bugging you?”

The title of this blog “Your Inside Reflects Your Outside” refers to the ‘what you think on the inside is reflective of our life on the outside’.  I’ve written about this in a chapter of my book.  Oh how this was so true once I mentally pictured eating a sausage roll and then did.  Except, the sausage roll looked nothing like I had pictured where it lay lodged!

What do you think are the lessons I could learn from this experience?