The little shack was cute.  It was equipped with coca cola and water and the local Inka cola which tastes so much like the creaming soda we used to get as a treat growing up as kids, for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas.  Bags of nuts and chip were also on offer.  We weren’t tempted – just more weight to have to carry if consumed!  Instead, consuming water from our own supply was smarter weight apportionment.

A lizard scurried across our pathway we had trodden; too fast to capture a picture.

It was also the swampy spot where we climbed into a long canoe.  Alex centered us in the middle and he took a position at the back.  Stability balance was critical to stay upright and dry, especially when he gave a couple of back paddles to become afloat.  There were no life jackets nor safety brief neither – just the great Trip Advisor write ups about Alex being an excellent guide to the many who have gone before!  It was enough to be trusted.

Canoe dock.

Up the canal we go.

The small canal was no more than two canoes widths as Alex paddled softly.  Palm trees towered overhead and foliage skirted the lower waters edge.  He stopped suddenly to say, “Caiman, to the right”.  Both our heads swiveled in unison with eyes staring.  We had no idea what the hell we were looking at, expecting to see one bathing on the muddy swamp shore except, we couldn’t see anything all whilst Alex swung to point the canoe in it’s direction.  Crap, I was on the right side of the canoe and still, couldn’t see what he was seeing.  I moved closer to Claire that made the canoe wobble!

Alex slowed and then said “there, the two eyes are poking just out of the water”.  With focus, we too saw it.  Jeez Alex had sharp vision to spot the thing from the middle of the canal.  The canoe was pushed a little closer.   There was a stare off.  It was a small one but it’s body was under the water for us to tell.  Alex back paddled and we were moving again up the canal.

Alex has spotted a Caiman.

A little closer, now can you see the eyes?

Look closely, now can you see the eyes?

A second one was sighted and glared at before we reached the main water expanse of Lake Sandoval.  Wow, it was just beautiful.  The heat was up but we didn’t mind with the awe, as Alex shouldered us around the shore.  We ducked through a second canal way before some distance was made to reach a small jetty.  Ripples ringed the water continuously as fish jumped.  Smaller ones probably trying to escape the bigger ones because it was dog eat dog in the jungle.

Just about to exit the canal onto Lake Sandoval itself.

Turtles sunbathing.

Open water.

Lushness right down to the waters edge.

Tall palm trees ringed the entire lake.

Sleeping bats.

We disembarked and clambered up a pathway to thatched roof buildings.  One was an open dining area, bar and kitchen at the back, and bunk rooms along side; the second one was a fully enclosed room and, our bedroom for the next two nights.  Entering, instant look upwards to the roof exposing the weaving wondering if the fly spray being carried was going to be enough!  Mosquito nets over the beds, sweet.  It had it’s own toilet and shower meaning no traipsing across the landscape to the toilet once the electricity was turned off.  Shit, I would have adopted peeng immediately outside the door like the gals back on the first night of the intrepid trek if that was the case.

Lunch was served up in a banana leaf – chicken and rice with an olive and whole egg, it was yummy.

Our accommodation.

The view of the lake from our room.

Our bed with mossie net safety.

Lunch served in banana leaf.

Enjoying our lunch.

Day trippers frequent the place for their lunch as well so we had some opportunity to chat.  All the hammocks hanging from the trees were full as people escaped the mid-day sun.  Alex gave us some time to chill before we were head back down to the canoe for another paddle around the lake to watch the sun go down and then go Caiman spotting some more.

For the parents of the babies we saw earlier!

How does one rest up with those thoughts playing silly buggers with your mind?

Afternoon siesta, not graceful but off the ground!