As we tried to check onto our first flight departing at Christchurch Airport, the screen didn’t recognise our booking reference number. Eeeeeek.  We proceeded to the check in attendant.

“Mr and Mrs Ruru – your check in counter is with Jet Star.”

We found the Air New Zealand attendant very courteous and obliging. Us dickheads will be reading the small print better going forward.

We encountered no further bugger up’s on our behalf for the remainder of the air time – Chch to Auckland to Santiago (Chile) to Lima (Peru) to Cusco, our final landing destination. In fact, we acknowledge Elaine our travel agent from Selwyn Travel – the meal with Jet Star, the empty aisle seat on the Pacific Ocean long haul; and again on the short haul; and lastly, the front seats to Cusco. The little bits of customer service beyond our expectations given it took us just on 30hours after initial lift off to final touch down were lovely.

Across from me on the opposite aisle seat as we prepared to depart Auckland on Latam Airlines, was a toddler, perhaps 2-3 years of age.  He wasn’t cooperating with his Dad to be safely buckled up. They were Spanish and spoke limited English.  Now, some folk may have rolled their eyes at the thought of what the next ten hours flying was going to be like.  Not me, I hooked out the sick bag and quickly drew a Kiwi illustration and handed it to the youngun.  A Kiwi, followed by a horse, a car, a cat, an aeroplane, a llama, and eventually a figure off the screen game on the console screen in-front of him.  Within ten minutes after the last illustration and lift off, he was asleep.  Buckled in.

Sometimes we don’t need to speak the same language to assist fellow humans when in need.  Except, when it was our turn for shut eye, the little fella woke up and was wide awake.  We got through it!

The transition time spent on the ground in-between flights is all part an parcel of the journey.  We embrace just people watching and, aren’t shy to strike up conversation with total strangers.  It made the time fly!

We landed into Cusco under the cover of darkness.  After clearing border security, we hung around the airport for sunrise before doing charades with a taxi driver to take us to our airbnb host.  Having it written down certainly helped.  And, you definitely put your life in their hands as we pushed our way into traffic like the car was stolen.  It took us some time to eventually locate the residence.  The key was to stay calm and backtrack to the airport to use wifi worst case scenario. It wasn’t needed and again, we got there.

Travellers in a foreign land.

Except there is a great quote “There are no foreign lands.  It is the traveller only who is foreign.”

Our adventure had truely begun.