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Laziness in Life’s Chaotic Treadmill!


The habit of keeping up posting blogs got lazy in life’s chaotic treadmill.

We certainly have continued to escape to explore to enjoy our back yard; snapped pictures to capture the experiences; and repeat.

There has been a disconnect between making the time to press fingers to the keyboard to upload a post, with no excuses. Just plain laziness of not making the time to do so.

Even though life did get a little bit chaotic on the treadmill.

The attempt now is to catch up on what we have been doing micro-adventure wise. And, instill the habit of regularly posting.


5/6/17 Timing Isn’t As Important As Finishing!

So, the girls front up to the 10 km part of the Chch Marathon in the inclement weather with only one support person in toe.

No running from the support, just supporting.

The estimated time it would take to finish debatable – actually they had no idea!

The support person missed them finishing!

Don’t understand why they just couldn’t go around the block one more time for the support person to snap them finishing!

The end.

When An Acorn Falls


2/10/16 New Jersey: The Freedom To Run Without Human Rules Giving The SeagullsThe What For.

dsc07323-1280x853The beach is no more that a couple of hundred metres walk up the road to the Atlantic Ocean.  If you get a clear day, you can see the shores of Spain!  Today wasn’t clear but overcast.  Maybe tomorrow.  Just beyond the breakers, hunting Porpoises in numbers surfaced to breath in a clockwise direction.


Joan and Kevin’s dog Lola had the freedom to run without human rules giving seagulls the what for.  Debris was strewn at the high tide mark washed up from the boisterous weather earlier in the week.  Being good global citizens, we picked up as much as we could hold or squeeze into a bucket that was half submerged into the powdery grit.



We took a drive out onto the Sandy Hook point where old barricks and battery enscarpments have laid silent for some time.  Once a hussle and bussle military presence, it now lays in decay.   There has been some effort in rejuvernating some of the old officer homesteads for public habitation or holiday homes.  It’s quite a tranquil spot.  On a calm day.



We climbed by car up to the Twin Lights State Historic Park.  On a fine day you can see the Statue of Liberty.  Again, the haze of grey dampened that opportunity.  Weighing 10 tonnes and measuring 9.5 feet in diameter, the light house lens on display is powered by three 40 watt energy efficient light bulbs, that’s advanced technology for you.



The site is also the spot where Guglielmo Marconi on 30 September 1899 tapped out a message to be the first practical demonstration of wireless telegraph.  We have experienced a lot of historical first’s to better mankinds existence which has been interesting.





The wander down the Ocean Avenue Boardwalk further up the road from home was the best though.  We found a ‘Retro Arcade’ that had us challenging each other in Skee Ball which we had never heard of.  A Kiwi came out on top as over all winner, well done Claire!

An Arcade isn’t an Arcade without the backbone machine that tests your hand and eye co-ordination let alone your character – the mighty pin-ball machine.


And there they were, a whole four rows of them dating back to before I we born.  Fully lit up, fully operational, ready to play.  It was Arcadian heaven!




As the shiney silver ball bearing bounced off cushion walls with dings and chimes, the push-button gates tapped frantically to keep the ball in play, the score board flipped over like the airport arrival/departure boards of the same era before the arrival of the electronic lettering.

Ching ching ching ching, tap, tap, tap, dong dong, ding, dit dit dit dit, flip, flip, ching, ching …


Prioritise; And Then Make Happen


A lot has happened during the absence of our blog presence nigh on two months ago.

It resulted from establishing some priorities and then making happen.

This was in tune with our February post about our intent to point our noses toward Canada to cycle across; and our March post that simplicity through minimalism has value to improve your happiness.

One was the compass direction (the priority); the other the road map (make it happen).

As I type this blog entry (to get back on track with staying current), we are currently in a town called Penticton, British Columbia in Canada having cycled here from Vancouver!

Backing up the bike, it was a hectic time leading up to our departure of New Zealand.

  • Quit our jobs.
  • Pack, store, clean our residence as we vacated to rent the place out.
  • An opportunity presented itself to purchase a similar residence as a rental property.  So we did.  Two weeks before we were to board the plane, it settled meaning we had to clean, paint and landscape in readiness to rent out.
  • Wind up associations and memberships.
  • Spend time with loved ones.
  • Pack our travel gear and exit New Zealand.

Hiring a smaller storage unit to house our homely possessions supported the need to de-clutter a heap more.  Bonus!

Accumulating a second property could be mis-interpreted  as not simplifying ones footprint.  However, not that we have to justify, we see this as part of our larger plan as the vehicle to generate the income in alignment with our sense of fulfillment to pursue more of what matters most.

And that is to be living a life on the conveyor belt of travel, in the now.

The smells, sights, tastes, touches and sound experiences from the bike seat comes with pushing ones mental and physical ability.

From where we sit each day, happiness comes with both grimaces and grins that are priceless!

Prioritise what is important to you; and then make happen.






Self improvement for the better is something you design

Q15 KM2 Re-Kindle You

Chit Chat + Doodling + White Board Mind Mapping + What Matters Most = Get Travelling to Explore More

Deciding to walk the Te Araroa Walk from Cape Reinga to Bluff later this year was easy. It interrupted our plans to trek the Appalachian Trial in the US somewhat for the better. We get to experience our own back yard first hand!

The bit between when we were leaving to go off wander the AT (March) and starting the stepping out the TA (October) became the disruption … what should we do?

Remain on the tread mill or get on the conveyor belt early?

Chit chat + doodling + white board mind mapping + what matters most = get travelling to explore more.

Canada Imagae

We exit New Zealand with noses pointed toward Canada, landing in Vancouver on 6th May. From there, it’s purchasing a tandem, getting on, and start pedaling.

From Vancouver to St John by bike.

Pffft, the deciding what to do has been the hardest part.

The rest … too easy!

Taylors Mistake: So That’s Where All The Jandals Ended Up.

When I was in my early teens, frequenting the Kaiapoi Swimming Pool was a regular weekend activity.  It would be fair to add that back in those days, mischief was also a regular activity inclusion.

I used to pinch peoples jandals – only one from each pair, and when walking home across the swing bridge over the Kaiapoi Cam River, toss them over the side.  They would float off into the distance and then, the activity would be repeated the next weekend.

TM4A couple of weeks ago, we ventured onto the Peninsula to walk to Godley Head and the entrance to Lyttelton Harbour.  


TM6Starting at Taylors Mistake, it wasn’t long before we strolled passed some batches fronting the sea shore … and then bam!!!!!

TM5Right there hanging from a wall at one of these batches were jandals!  My past had caught up with me – so that’s where all the jandals tossed ended up!



The grin at the mischief one used to get up too was humped all the way up to the spot where gun emplacement ruins lay at peace.  It goes without saying that the view was spectacular, the dots on the ocean below weren’t more jandals but paddle boarders.


Furthermore, my mischief was replaced with military service when I joined the NZ Territorial Force Army in my mid-teens!

TM35It is a walk worth doing.  And if you see your jandal from yesteryear … help yourself!

The Hamburger Tattoo Challenge – We Need Micro Goals to Achieve Bigger Goals

Part of designing our FB friends visit goal is the sacrifices we include today for making the tomorrow a reality.

Saving dollars by not spending on consumable doodads is a discipline – there needs to be a micro goal to achieve the bigger goal.

Once I gave up eating any type of hamburger (whether commercial or home made) in response to a challenge I failed at. If I took one mouthful within the year, I was to get a tattoo of a hamburger on my person.

I love McDonald’s Bic Macs. They are the meat and three vege meal so easy and accessible to give you the nutrients a body needs. Now I know that many of you would disagree … processed food etc, etc, etc. However, another debate for another time.

My question (and point) is that each time I spend dollars on them, is it taking me closer to my goal or further away from my goal? Of course, further away.

So, let me repeat my hamburger challenge to help with the savings – no hamburgers of any type for one year starting 1 June 2015. And if I do, a tattoo of a hamburger on my person.

To go with the other four I have!

The sacrifices we make, for making tomorrow a reality.

And so begins the journey …


… and so begins the job of mapping our FB friends from around the planet … the first beer, wine, coffee or tea happens on the 4th July 2015 …

… it starts.

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