It was a trip across the ditch to Brisbane, Australia to enact a mammoth paradigm shift both mentally, and physically.

Relocating Claire’s mum Lorraine back to New Zealand after residing 28 years on that side of the ditch.

It kind of explained the ‘needing rest’ pics having been snapped by our host and not knowingly, posted on social media.

Mother-in-laws can do that, just saying!

Notwithstanding, it was a phenomenal task, and we got there.

In-between catching up with mates from Kiwiland who still permanently reside there.

“Hinga atu he tētē kura, ara mai he tētē kura“

Translated, it means “One fern frond falls as another unfurls”.

“Haere mai ki Aotearoa a Lorraine, Haere mai”.

Translated, “Welcome Home Lorraine, welcome home”.