When Sally and Murph communicated the concept of crossing the land of the ‘Stars and Stripes’ by tandem cycle to respective parents, they were surprised with the positive parent responses.  They were prepared for the sinking of such a notion before a single pedal was rotated.

Sally’s Dad offered some advice that there will be valleys and peaks as you travel across.  However, when you reflect back on life, it will be the peaks that you will always remember.  How cool was that?

Agreement was reached that they would phone home (back in 1988, the only telephone technology were landlines) to let them know that they had arrived at their daily destination safely.  Parents need that peace of mind to sleep easy at night.

And so they crossed the US safely through phoning home.  Regularly.

During the coast to coast adventure, Murph proposed to Sally at Jenny Lake.  With a resounding “Yes.” it would prove to be a peak of the journey.  How could it not be?

Sally purchasing two wedding magazines each weighing a tonne was a valley.  Let’s focus on the peaks!

Huh, remember Sally’s Dad being comfortable with them cycling across however, keep in touch by phone.  Well, unbeknown to Sally and Murph, he called ahead to the local Police enforcement regulary asking them to keep an eye out for them.  And so they did.

Sally’s Dad was in Central Intelligence.  Kid’s need that peace of mind that parents do care so as kid’s too sleep easy at night.  A peak on top of a peak.  How cool was that?

The weekend spent in Vermont was certainly amazing.  Whenever we get asked what is a favourite spot on the planet we have travelled to, the autumn fall kaleidoscope in Vermont has to be up there.  It’s was certainly a peak.  Our peak.





The people we shared the view from the top, precious.