dsc07643-1280x853The girls were a good 200 metres out in front.  Every now and again I would catch a muffle of their voices conversing.  Lola was running and darting and sniffing. I wondered if the pads under her paws would ever get sore from so much distance covered through nose to ground exploration.



dsc07652-1280x853I was in my own little world trailing behind and although we knew the route taken would lead us back home, it was so easy to be lost in thought.  Cloudless blue and pungent autumn.

We had to step into the undergrowth off the road as vehicles passed so as not to become road kill.  Care had to be taken not to tread on anything living within.  There are snakes in these part of the woods. Bears too.





Once off the tarseal and onto the gravel road, it cut through forest and small pockets of farmland.  Black coloured sheep spoke to each other that echoed across the valley.  A couple of pick-up trucks passed us and sadly, one of them had flattened two snakes at different parts of the road being trodden.   No bush wee’s this walk; hold and burst!






It was a magical five miles of beauty and had the mind, body and soul energized.

Just as well.  New folks Ken and Danielle arrived, as did Paul a little later.  Great friends of Joan and Kevin, they were joining us for the weekend.  Ken is a Life Coach; Danielle a full-time Mum to their son Cai; and Paul a writer for a Corporate.  Paul and his late wife Sally cycled across America on a tandem back in 1988.

With the opportunity to associate with a cool bunch of like-minded people, woven conversations were enthusing and enlightening and full of banter and laughter.  Especially when we were introduced to a game called Cards Against Humanity – a party game for horrible people.

Unlike most of the party games we have played before, it was as dispicable and awkward as we wanted it to be.  We have learnt some new vocabulary!  The Rurus were outright winners and let me add, it’s not for the politically correct nor mamby pamby person – so be warned.

We will be bringing one home with us!