A rest day with the morning spent recovering because of beverage consumption. It was a birthday celebration after all!

Now, do not be confused with the next part …

Tristan Telle who we stayed with last evening dropped us off to meet up with Jeramy Trentham who we stayed with in Canmore. Jeramy then gave us a ride from Calgary to a town north of Calgary called Red Deer to allow us to visit another face book friend we meet (Charla Bradley)in Arusha, Tanzania at the base of Mt Kilimanjuru some five years ago. Charla is the sister of Clayton who we visited during our lay over in Kelowna. And Charla knows Jeremy’s Dad but has never met Jeramy. And before we departed Calgary, we meet Jeremy’s flatmate Martin Graham whom we also meet during worldly travels.

Having met all these friends on other parts of the globe to then have them help us connect with each other today and none of them still not having met each other in person (except Jeramy and Martin) in their home land … the world moves in the funniest ways sometimes!

And it was so awesome to catch up with Charla in the person again.


Furthermore, we wanted to fit in with her plans for the evening and therefore attended a third birthday party in a row. That too was entertaining as the young fella whose birthday it was plays rugby and enjoyed meeting a Richie McCaw lookalike from down under.

Nothing confusing about that, ahem.