If you woke up in the early hours of the morning and heard the neighbouring motel room active with sounds of sex, would you:

a) try to ignore and think of a happy place yourself to try and drift back off to sleep?

b) listen and imagine life on the opposite side of the wall?

c) listen and dream of life on the opposite side of the wall?

d) if you are already in bed with your loved one, get frisky with them in the hope for the best although you know you have to prepare for the worst?

d) get angry that it’s disrupting your beauty sleep?

e) none of the above?

The muffled noise was obvious; the after sex chat went on a lot longer.

Sleep did prevail and although somewhat tired when the minds and bodies did come fully conscious, we had to carry on with life remembering that if your neighbours are too loud and keep you up at night, it means your ears are still functioning properly!


Cape Cod is separated by a canal constructed for ships to passage through so as not to go the long way around.  The bridges connecting the mainland are magnificent structures, especially the train one that was hoisted high up into the sky.




To view the vast motorway and side road systems from above would be interesting to see.  Four lanes for the traffic volume leading into central Boston kept ones wits about them.  Road signage is just brilliant so as to stay true to the line of destination and when outer city limits met inner-city neighbourhood to then become the concrete jungle, perspective of how large Boston actually is became reality.  It was scary!

The underground tunnel was just as hairy and before we knew it, we popped up the other side not having taken one photo of downtown itself.  Hairs on the back of our necks subsided temporarily.  New York City has to be crossed over in a day or two so they will be back.

Them and goosebumps as that jungle is a bigger beast!

More antique shops,  orange pumpkins and fast food joints held hands along the route today.


The motel we found was the first one to present arriving guests with a goodie bag full of treats; Claire taking ownership of consuming the chips so as I stay strong to the ‘no chips and no beer’ goal.

We knew that we would be safe with better sleep tonight.  Our room is next door to the motel laundry.  Surely they don’t wash and dry bed linen under the cover of darkness.

What would you do if they did?