DSC05557-1280x853The alarm still beeps on the 6am every morning to signal the moment one should stir the body into momentum. Where before it would be absolute daylight making the rise and shine easier, now the ball of yellow is slower to peek it’s rays above the horizon. We love watching sunrises. It’s in tune with making it to another day and therefore we need to get on with it with passion, zeal and enthusiasm. Nature is at it’s best also, no matter the season.


As we pulled up to the toll booth to pay our fare for using the Cobequid Pass Toll Road, the man in the booth didn’t know what to say. Car’s are charged $4 for driving the 45 km section of Hwy 104. We had ridden it by bike so quite enthused about how this was going to pan out.


Traffic speeds were fast as we watched the local constabulary going up and down collecting revenue. Part of the road had no verge which surprised us and we had our closest truck call yet in nearly joining the many number of Porcupine road kills we experienced today. Wonder if we would smell like a skunk after a day or two sunning on the seal!

It was a grind up and over the Pass to the toll booth. A voice from a neighbouring booth yelled the words, “You don’t have to pay” with a wink and a grin. It put a grin on the first guy too as he had no idea what he was going to do.

We acknowledged with a return smile and the $10 note went back into the kitty. The down hill part was a blast giving the thighs a much deserved break. Any longer and the pillion passenger on the back could have easily fallen asleep was communicated.

Body exertion is also taking it’s toll and so an afternoon eye lid closure for some extra shut eye prevailed to help restore the energy reserves.

Another beep on the alarm was set so we didn’t sleep what day light was remaining. Allowed us to watch the sun set too which was as equally stunning.

And so begins the nighshift with a different passion, zeal and enthusiasm. More ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Too buggered for the nature bit!