The tap on the door just before 6.30 am was expected.

DSC02170-1280x853Sheri Davis was bidding us farewell so as to start her push forward which was our backwards. Her motivation is to get on the road early to capture the best of the animal kingdom waking up. That and get to the days destination before the wind picks up and rest up for the next days ride. Similar in like-mindedness, we gelled with her. Except we didn’t board our rig for another two hours!

Maybe an early start for us tomorrow like Sheri. We’ll sleep on it!



DSC02177-1280x853A rest stop to consume food and beverage and pee had this huge black thing land on Claire’s hair at the back. She didn’t notice and I had to pluck up the courage to ask her to stay still. What happens when you ask someone to stay still because a huge black bug lands on you? They panic and start flapping arms and run around in circles screaming, “Get it off, get it off.” Huh, I didn’t need to move one more inch after I asked that as she in all the commotion had the thing in the choker hold all on her own volition. I had enough trouble as it was controlling myself from not pissing myself from laughing. It died at the scene. I was close to it too!

It was a Spruce Bug which is a wood boring beast. And when googled, they like taking picnic’s on human flesh that are painful. Phew, I have since acknowledged her bravery and appreciation for me not having to touch the thing.

RIP Sprucy.