Biking the tar seal road from Little River up to the Hill Top has always teased us as something we should have a crack at doing.

It’s been the one obstacle to us cycling over to Akaroa and pitch the canvas for a night. Altitude and elevation conjure up grind and panting emotions. More so the latter as we mature towards senior citizenship.

Notwithstanding, we have mates who are our elk and have done it. So, yesterday we drove to Little River, parked up the car, donned on the vests and helmets and off we cycled – destination, the Hill Top.

We take turns at being out in front so when the words “Ops” was spoken from BClaire behind, I knew exactly what she had done.

Now, the road from one side to the other measures about 6-8 metres. A white line straddles each edge. We tend to ride on the right-hand side (on the left side of the road) of the white line to minimize riding over debris or crap between the white line and edge of the tar seal.

Road kill can be avoided. You see it coming and can manoeuvre around.

But the poor little innocent Cicada that decided to stop and park up on the right side of the white line to rest it’s sound of spousal song, just a defenceless critter minding its own business … well, that was the “Ops” spoken from BClaire behind.

Snuffing it. The crunch came before.

Apparently by accident. Apparently, she tried to avoid it and squashed it with her back wheel.

The Hill Top view was as close to heaven we got. Not so for the Cicada.

RIP little fella.