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21/6/17 Find Your Purpose …

Training has started with a blat on the Fatty 29 tandem last Saturday and a blat on the mountain bikes on the Sunday.

It’s been a while since butts rode in tandem … all the technique was still there, yay!

And what better way to be inspired when we stopped for a rest, to be reminded of why we do the adventuring before dementia!

Sunday, minus 2 degrees celcius … the smiles say it all.

Find your purpose, your ‘why’ … and magnetise towards that.  Plus 4 degrees in the sun was enough to magnetise toward, ahem!


  1. Good to hear you two are keeping up with a training regime! Love the pics in your post…um, it looks cold though:). What’s the next event or adventure on the cards?

    • Brent

      July 5, 2017 at 9:32 am

      Hi Elly
      Cheers for your message. Training more indoors versus out so the body stays supple! We are off to do a day walk up the back of Rakaia this coming weekend to introduce the feet to the boots again. And yes, we may be leaving some footprints in snow. We are on the rights side of the shortest day now which is positive. Because we are planning to stay put for a year, there are parts of the Te Araroa South Island to be ticked off … work in progress thing :0)

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