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Month: May 2015

Hanmer Springs Solo Again


Returned to Hanmer Springs in the second bedroom … this time solo.


The last time I had to zip up the sleeping bag, wear a beanie all night and sleep in the fetal position was up Mt Everest Base Camp in Nepal!

HS5But after thawing out, it was on the bike, out and up Jacks Pass Road to test the shoulder. Actually, it was more to test the confidence of blatting down. I’m ready to get back on the BMX track and finish the loop now!

HS6The bonus of the time out … time spent on bringing home the book.

The heats on to be holding it by 1 July!

Daughter – Dad Play/Relax Weekend (16/5/15)

Just hanging out with the daughter Little Claire …

H3Hanmer Springs is 1.5 hours north of Christchurch – a place to play and relax … and a lovely spot to spend time with daughter Claire doing it.




Play – walk up to the Connical Hill walking track summit.





H8Relax – photo from the top.






H11Relaxed …





H15Play – straight down off the beaten track.





H20Play – LClaire losing at mini golf …

Relax – after the ball sconed me in the head taking this play shot!




H23Play – LClaire taking a hoon in the jet boat.

Relax – someone had to take the pic … this is a must walk up to and sit spot.




H30Play – quad biking.

Relax – as long as she in front, crashing was minimized.

Play – LClaire not expecting me to motor passed in the riverbed to soak her was maximized.



Relax – 7 kms up the river for a biscuit and water.





H33Relax – hair net to protect one from getting nits.





H37Play – LClaire trying to make up the camper van bed.





H40Play – LClaire being given the opportunity to drive the second bedroom (stop rescuing versus start resourcing attitude approach).



H41Relax – not, but life is an adventure when you let go of the controls.





H43Play – Frog Rock climb (Weka Pass).







Relax – I didn’t jump.


Avalanche Peak at 1833 metres

AP3 - You Are Here - Avanlanche Peak TrackFirst we were “You Are Here”






AP28… then we were there





AP94 - You Are Here - Scotts Track… to return to another “You Are Here”






If you are here, you have certainly got to get there – Avalanche Peak at 1833 metres is just spectacular.

AP12 - The track up Avalance Peak TrackAP15 - Alpine treesAP23AP24 - Ridgeline markersAP24 - Ridgeline markersAP25 Sun shadowAP36AP48AP49AP53 - Avalance Peak at 1833mAP59 - BC from the summitAP64AP75