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While the bodies still can and we still have our marbles!

Month: December 2014


Lately, we had started to ponder the benefits of ending our caravan existence and return to the permanence of suburbia.

It’s okay to miss the niceties of a house with space; a garage to hang a dart board to play darts, furniture to see books on a shelf and a television that is connected to watch nature programmes isn’t it?

CV6 - Gore Bay Camp SiteBut then we had a brain fart … why not just get a second bedroom instead?

And then we could escape the box we live in, in a box with four wheels and wake up in all kinds of neighbourhoods.  Open space of landscapes to explore, balanced with less space to snuggle.  We could throw a dart at a map and point the box in that direction – so what if we miss the bulls eye. We could write our own books for others to have on their bookshelves. And, nature is by far more better in the raw.  This weekend was a test drive with benefits, caravan existence still lives strong.

CV5 - Gore BayCV16 - Right up the beachCV20 - Beach FaunaCV7 - Camp ShowerCV51CV13 Sunrise at Gore Bay

Finally, with New Zealand’s new drink driving laws recently introduced – you may just see the Ruru’s parked up on the side of the road in your neighbourhood anyway.

Temporarily of course!


11/12/14 My Work DeskFor the next 90 days – do whatever it takes to become the best employee in your office; then for the next 90 days – do whatever it takes to become the best employee in your company; then for the next 90 days – do what it takes to become the best employee in your industry; and then for the next 90 days, do what it takes to become the best at the new opportunities that will present themselves .

Wealthy individuals make themselves invaluable to their employers; filter their emotions; associate with other successful people; and have focus, persistence & patience.

You cannot control the outcome of a wish, but you can control the outcome of a goal.

Keep going.



Cameron’s pack contained 2 x 1.5 litres of water; 1 x 1.5 litre Coca Cola; 2 x hip flasks of rum; 4 x stubbies of Speights beer; bacon, eggs, mushrooms for breakfast; jet aeroplane sugar lollies, 2 cakes of chocolate; cheese/biscuit snacks; and cooking oil that by the time we reached our destination – had leaked!

Sleeping bag and gear and additional apparel made up the remainder of his worldly possessions stuffed into his back pack.


What he thought was a three hour tramp, was.  Except, that it just got us to the junction point before the next three hours of serious up to reach Black Hill Hut at 1335 metres above sea level.




Huh, it wasn’t the altitude that had him sleeping like a baby soon after the boots came off, it was share exhaustion from the crap he lugged for 14 kilometres.  It was the first time in years that we had done an overnight tramp together.


His youthful cockiness as we stepped out our first strides had him admit in his sleep talk that perhaps the old man’s travel experience had some weight of experience after all – “pack light ya twit!”


BHH141 - Copy

Even more so, we have lived more summers to understand that the old tradition of hard work does pay off in the end.

And this was realized after a good night’s rest.


Families of forest coral lichens, Birch trees that weep sweet tasting sap and the tiny bird – the Wren, just a plump of fur with a beak whose chirp is more like a mouse squeak.

BHH105BHH109BHH118DSC02896 - CopyDSC02898


Not a squeak from Cameron neither as we retraced out boot prints to exit the hectares of timeless awe the next morning.

A weekend walk that had wisdom, wonder and wit … and wally!