We have made it through the first of BC’s mountain backbones and the contrast of landscapes is fascinating. Rock slides lay dormant sometimes to the road side edge; conifer trees pepper the grey shale cones and rock faces.

A stop for a cuppa at an historical gold rush town called ‘Hedley’ was timely as dampness was spitting at us from above. The cook who served us at the diner was a splitting image of the cook from the sitcom ‘Happy Days’ (Fonz, the Cunningham’s, etc); it was so surreal.


DSC00631-800x533As we sat there spooning broccoli soup, we watched a cyclist ride pass in the direction we were heading. We were inspired and wondered if we would be fast enough to catch up and meet. Legs rotating at ninety miles an hour to the dozen wasn’t enough, plus we had to pull over when the heavens opened up and put on rain jackets. It didn’t last long yet was good to get another first of back spray up our bottoms ticked off.
It wasn’t long before we entered an area call the ‘Okanagan’ which is known for fruit orchards and vineyards.

The site of a bike at a motel had us pull up; introductions were made. Ken from the States had cycled all the way up from Seattle and was doing a roadie by bike across Canada too. This was the start of many conversations shared whereby Ken had downsized life in many similar ways to us because of similar passions and coincidentally, he is an illustrator too.



People come into your life at moments least expected. Today was one such instance. After spending the afternoon with Ken, his words of wisdom allowed us to feel a heaps more chilled out about the kilometres ahead so as to enjoy the journey better.

A contrast from the mind-set held when we rose this morning.

And just as fascinating, broccoli soup gives you wind no matter the landscape!