The 46th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force were mobilized from Moose Jaw to go fight in the Great War, WW1. Sadly, they become known as ‘The Suicide Battalion.’ Why? 1,433 killed and 3,484 wounded in just 27 months of combat, a casualty rate of 91.5 percent.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Saskatchewan became the first Canadian province to ban the private sale of alcohol. Bootlegging, gambling and prostitution thrived more which was good for the baddies and bad for the goodies. The baddies went underground to hide from the goodies and therefore, Moose Jaw is famous for it’s tunnels of booze basements and hide-outs to American gangsters. Now-a-days, everthing is good which isn’t a bad thing because if you are traveling the trans-Canada, Moose Jaw is a lovely place to stop and have a nights rest (or two days in our case) and a beer to quench the thirst. And a look around.

DSC01676-1024x683Has a great bike shop too. Meeting Boh (owner) of Boh’s Cycle & Sporting Goods ( had us exchanging bike touring stories to make the belly hurt. He and his wife share the same passion and have done distances on their bottoms just like us. Then there was Brian out back, the bike mechanic. When he found out that we were from New Zealand, he had great pleasure in reflecting about his trip downunder to Kiwiland some thirty years ago. The fondest memory he has was spewing up on the Parliament Grounds after a night on the juice. Still working out if his heritage was a baddie or a goodie!

And given both fella’s were aged, matured and experienced at cycling like us, we walked out of the shop with presents for our butt cheeks … new bike seats. Called ‘Brooks’, they are made from leather so over time (once they are broken in), apparently they will fit the underbits as snug as a glove. Selfie to follow a few kilometres up the road.



There was a catch to the new seats though. The topside is slippery (again till they are broken in) meaning we were sliding back and forth as we rode the tandem back to our abode. We were already getting open jaw looks and comments made before the seats. Can only imagine how it must of looked after the Brooks were affixed.

As long as we were in tandem, who goes a moose!