The wind abated making for a smooth jettison off Newfoundland under the cover of darkness. Only the hum of the propellors could be heard as we watched in silence the sun rise on the horizon and witness the puzzle configuration between land and sea take form.


Jacque Cousteau once said, “We must go ahead and see for ourselves.” We have.

It was absolutely beautiful. The magnitude of what we have accomplished became more surreal. More silence as the ball rose up to soon be descending onto the tarmac in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


To meet us was another homestay host, Sandra. Her tiki-tour by car of the city downtown had us identify destinations to visit on foot as we had the whole day as a tourist.







During the period of the Acadian Deportion, 1755 to 1762, Acadians were detained on George Island in the middle of the harbour prior to them being shipped off to other British Colonies; we stood at the Citidel to hear the cannon blast off a boom to signal mid-day and then stand at a ground zero plaque that spoke about the largest man-made explosion prior to the first atomic bomb; Pier 21 was where over 1.25 million immigrants since WWII landed so as to be indoctrinated as Canadian residents.



We met a couple from the UK who had just finished their cycle across Canada. It looked a lonely existence as they sat there with no one to share their achievement till we introduced ourselves. We spent an hour with them so they could share their story, to watch the glow of thier finish exude and make their accomplishment more surreal. It gave us goosebumps too, especially when they freedom camped 99% of the distance!



We met up with Sandra and her wife Denise for a beer to continue rapport formalities. Our meeting resulted from another ‘Motor Maids’ connection. They live half an hour out of downtown Halifax; to climb into a bed after the car experience straigtened out skeletal crookedness and everything else just moulded into the mattress fabric.

We knew this was going to be an entertaining homestay … no more chips and beer for a year … there is another day to start tomorrow.