DSC01646-1024x683Mr & Mrs Evans are both 86 years of age. They were in Moose Jaw visiting Mrs Evans’s older sister at 97.

We were just walking up the road towards down town and threw them a salutation with a smile. For the next two kilometres or so, we conversed in swapping the past, the present and the future in chit chat. They have been intrepid travellers in their younger days and still go camping at Lake Louise at their age, hoping for a better summer there this one.

I asked them how long they had been married? Sixty two years. I asked them individually, if they were still in love with each other like the first time they fell in love? At first they looked at each other and both laughed. Mrs Evans replied, “I suppose so” with a hunch of her shoulders. Mr Evans responded, “Nearly every day I guess.” Then they gave each other a hug, like they would have when they first fell in love.

When they realised they had wandered the distance they did just talking, they bid us farewell to head back to their accommodation to wait for there pick up in another hour or so.

As we turned around soon after, there they were hobbling back up the road, holding hands.

The art of conversation when walking up the street is a skill slowly in decline due to the head down habitually wanting to look at technology; or because we are too scared that the response back may be hidden with danger; or because we are self centred that nothing else really matters except me, myself or I. Some of our best life lessons have been when we have had impromptu conversations with people we have never met before; and may never ever see again. But you have to get out there and be the first one to throw the first smile.

It could leave a lasting action for the better.

It was a great day of rest holding hands most of the time as we wandered down town Moose Jaw today.

Wonder what Mr & Mrs Evans would do if they were in our shoes returning to their motel room?

Let’s end the conversation there!