There was no dumbing down the thunder storm warning, it arrived, did the dirty and then evaporated.

The bolts of lightening, claps of thunder and pouring of water was a spectacular two hour show viewed from within the safety of a motel room. It was also a first for us to experience such intensity in weather of this nature. We loved it!

It also meant getting back on the bike to do a big distance today.

DSC01615-1024x683We had wondered what fed all shapes and sized lakes and ponds dotted along the route. Now we know they’re not mountain fed, but heavenly. Reaching Chaplin, white powder was moulded into dunes. A google search after we finished revealed we had passed the second largest saline water body in Canada and the dunes were sodium sulphate deposits. Quite interesting given we it was land locked.


DSC01627-1024x683A quick use of the wash room at the Shore Bird Nature Centre at Chaplin, we were the first visitors from Christchurch New Zealand and thus, had a pin stuck on the map. We got closer to an albino Coyote – okay, it was stuffed and caged. Actually, it was the only wildlife we got to see the whole ride today. Even the Gophers were hibinating.






The thing lying on it’s side in a paddock had to be photographed. A stuffed worm perhaps? Be keen to hear your thoughts.

DSC01643-1024x683We were relieved to arrive into Moose Jaw. These distances are truely a pain in the arse cheeks.

It’s time to take another day off and rest the bodies. Discover what lies beneath the town of Moose Jaw.