When Italian Explorer John Cabot first discovered North America in 1497, his first word’s were “O Buono vista!” When translated into English, this phrase means, “Oh Happy Sight!” Standing at the historic place where he first landed (just north of Bonavista), there was a warm calmness to the surround. So peaceful.





We made it to Carbanear for a homestay with people we had met at the breakfast buffet on the ferry coming to Newfoundland, Ed and Regina.

The “no chips and beer for a year” resolution went right off the front porch when Ed handed me a local beer for consumption. I didn’t want to offend the hospitality offering and it tasted good. I had lasted only four days; there is always tomorrow!

What ensued was an evening where we felt like we were catching up with old friends that we hadn’t seen in a very long time. The stories became more theatrical as the volume of beverage depleted passed the lips. Soon, there was the odd charade to amplify the words yarned. Why had we left it so long to catch up with these people?!


Family portraits adorned the walls of the staircase. From childhood to adulthood, this was a tight family with unbelieveable closeness. I was too scared to ask which side of the family the Caribou head represented but I knew it was male with a tie hung round it’s neck.

This encounter with Ed and Regina was an “O Buono Vista” experience with Newfoundlanders that will always be remembered when we hear the ‘gong’ of a grandfather clock; see a flashlight; or eat blueberry pie! After dinner stories to be shared long after we leave the island.

And so, our journey to return home begins tomorrow as does the resolution, “No chips and no beer for a year.”

Unless we see a damn Moose and then we will drink ourselves silly with celebration.