It’s a two day ride to Moose Jaw from Swift Current. If we wanted to get half way so as to balance up the cycling distance, it meant another night under canvas.

A thunder storm warning was issued for later in the day. One wishes they hadn’t switched to the programme on tv last night and watched ‘Storm Chasers.’ It didn’t help wth the mindgames imagining hail under canvas. Damn remote!

We knew there was a motel at Herbert if need be and although a shorter distance, we saw it shortening the distance the other way too. Sometimes the warnings are dumbed down during the day so it was on the rig, get to Herbert and assess the weather forecast there.

We weren’t detered by the slight head wind. Nor by the slow grind up the steepest incline since Calgary at Rush Lake. You could see nearly 360 degrees to the horizon skyline in any direction however to the west, Cumulonimbus clouds were forming. They rose up high up into the stratosphere … postive thinking … positive thinking … positive thinking!

DSC01566-1024x683Reaching Herbert before mid-day meant the same distance to go to the proposed camp ground. We stopped at the old Railway Station which is also the museum for a rest and cuppa. The adjectives describing a thunder storm a couple of days ago by the young chap sharing conversation as we supped was enough to persuade us to check into the motel and stay put.









DSC01603-1024x683Wandering Herbert to get supplies for the longer haul tomorrow allowed for many a conversation to be had with other locals. The grocery shop attendant confirmed hail and rain were being dumped back up the road somewhat. The Library was a bank twenty years ago where Claire picked up a book out of the vault for reading to fill in the down cycle time. Another lady had us venture into a Community Thrift shop to discuss bottom dimples with the old ladies behind the counter! We found the cenotaph commemorating fallen soldiers. And the Paterson structure was an absolute wonder to gaze at.


Just like the white clouds that turned black firing bolts of lighting now rumbling our way.

Is holy crap two adjectives?