It’s hard to believe that we have been off the tandem for well over a month.  Fatty 29 has been sitting in a box under cover patiently waiting.  Waiting for us to be reunited again.  Waiting for us to leave the Americas Continent.  Waiting for us to head home to New Zealand.

This is the final blog post from the US.

Tomorrow, we leave to go home.

Now and again, it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.



Our visiting Kevin and Joan and Joan’s Mum Kate has been just that.  An exceptional pause.  The heartfelt hospitality has been on-going since we first hongied (rubbed noses) up until we hongied for the last time.  This time.

We are so lucky.

Many thanks K, J and Mum.  It’s been momentous.  It’s now precious.  Heartfelt at that.

To all that have continued to support us through following, again, a huge thank you to you too.

Love to one and all from the Rurus.

Every ending is just a new beginning.

This is it!