DSC01525-1024x683Claire has the knack for spotting the wild life. I’ve seen squashed Gophers mainly, that’s because I have to look down a lot to fine the line for where the front wheel needs to track. Today, we got to see Deer, Elk and a highlight, a Coyote up close – we think! When Claire was questioning why there were pictures of penny farthings on posts, I happened to look up and inform her that they were notices about the duck wildlife!

DSC01530-1024x683A large buidling with silos’s had trucks lined up at one end and train carriages lined up at the other end. A sight beholding any tourist passing at the share size of the operation. Certainly a pivot between those who farm the land and those who transport mother natures produce. There is a concern over here for the decline of the honey bee population. Canadians are being asked to plant wildflowers, as many as they can so as to give them a chance to re-bound. What would our planet look like without the bee doing it’s role? What would become of the silo’s rode passed today?

It was a gentle ride today, just gazing the landscape for sights of interest.



Unless it turned out not be what we thought it was!