We could only imagine whales leaping from the ocean waters high into the air doing their syncronized swimming acrobatics. Their food has migrated south to better resorts. So have the whales. It didn’t discourage our wander along the coastal cliffs. The eroding rock formations and bush forna made up for the gap. The blustery on-shore wind kept the eyes peeled so as not to be blown off when getting close to edges to peer down for the vertigo feel.







It’s the first hiking we have stepped out on this Continent and in a long time. Mindset shifted to walking the length of New Zealand planned for our return home. We could have easily been on the Te Awaroa Track with some of the coastal beauty we experienced today.








It was back into the roller skate and onward to Bonavista township itself. But not before a side excursion to Elliston.

dsc06259-1280x853Only the whistle of the wind broke the silence as we stood in-front of the concrete monument dedicated to lives lost to sealing disasters. The bronze statue of a father holding his son created from an apiration by a mother amplified the quietness of the moment. It was a haunting emotion.


Further down the road we parked up and braved the wind sheer at the location where Puffin Birds nest for the summer. Unfortunately, they had nested and returned to where they hibernate for the realms of winter, back out to sea on the Atlantic Ocean. We haven’t been disappointed at missing any of the tourist attractions that hordes of people flock to see like whales and ice bergs and Puffins. That’s a fib, yes we have been! More so the elusive friggin Moose!




We ARE grateful for what we have seen. Both from the bike seat and beyond. The people met and conversations shared have made up for it.

Who would have imagined that the couple who we passed at the Puffin location where we exchanged a greeting and a smile would evolve into a full on conversation at the hostel we were staying at later. They had called in to steal water and electricity to borrow the washing machine and dryer to do their laundry. They left as new friends on face book hopefully believing that we weren’t old porn stars that made four movies and had to give up because Viagara hardens arteries, and hardened arteries ain’t good for the the heart as it could kill ya!


That was harmless story telling.

We used to play with kids!