The White Jesus looked so tiny from the viewing point we had ascended to.

We could also make out the giant Condor monument close to where we were staying in the distance. Squinting of course.  The eyes aren’t as good as what they used to be!

The White Jesus

Can you find the Condor monument?

We were up the opposite hillside and the monument that towered above us was Mirador Cusco.

It was an impromptu decision to climb up to it after we had ventured down back streets to the bus terminal, to book an overnight bus to Puerto Maldonado.

Flash overnight buses

Mirador Cusco Monument – zoomed in

Up to Mirador Cusco monument we go

Road blocked off for a wedding

Mirador Cusco

The eyeballs were darting and scanning in all directions, it was just as a spectacular view from this side as it was the other.

There was more shanty living on these slopes as well.

Shanty Community

The bus terminal from Mirador

The flip side was the stuff you see when you throw away the map and go off the beaten track.  Getting lost too can be fun.  We did trying to find the damn bus terminal and instead, turned up at the freighting part of the business.  We had to trust the pigeon-English directions from the guard.  Google maps was hopeless to try and cheat as we had no connection.

We got there.

Wedding Car

Fresh fruit can come to you

A childrens playground

Inca sun water fountain

Jamming it

Shifting house!

The Inca Leader Pachacuteq monument

As we did when we arrived at a roundabout back on the flat to stand beneath another towering bronze monument of the Inca Leader Pachacuteq.  It’s 11.5 metres tall, weighs 22 tonnes and one of his outstretched arms points towards the heart of the old imperial Cusco.  He was ‘the man’ during the time of the Inca, an important Peruvian identity.  He looked authoritative yet graceful.  And someone who you could be attracted too.

Inca Leader Pachacuteq – 11.5 metres tall, weighs 22 tonnes

As was the man who was using crutches because he had one leg.  We shadowed him crossing the roundabout for safety.  People slowed for him.  They weren’t for us before he arrived!

Sometimes there is greater enjoyment in the journey versus the destination.

Most times!