Part of designing our FB friends visit goal is the sacrifices we include today for making the tomorrow a reality.

Saving dollars by not spending on consumable doodads is a discipline – there needs to be a micro goal to achieve the bigger goal.

Once I gave up eating any type of hamburger (whether commercial or home made) in response to a challenge I failed at. If I took one mouthful within the year, I was to get a tattoo of a hamburger on my person.

I love McDonald’s Bic Macs. They are the meat and three vege meal so easy and accessible to give you the nutrients a body needs. Now I know that many of you would disagree … processed food etc, etc, etc. However, another debate for another time.

My question (and point) is that each time I spend dollars on them, is it taking me closer to my goal or further away from my goal? Of course, further away.

So, let me repeat my hamburger challenge to help with the savings – no hamburgers of any type for one year starting 1 June 2015. And if I do, a tattoo of a hamburger on my person.

To go with the other four I have!

The sacrifices we make, for making tomorrow a reality.