When I was in my early teens, frequenting the Kaiapoi Swimming Pool was a regular weekend activity.  It would be fair to add that back in those days, mischief was also a regular activity inclusion.

I used to pinch peoples jandals – only one from each pair, and when walking home across the swing bridge over the Kaiapoi Cam River, toss them over the side.  They would float off into the distance and then, the activity would be repeated the next weekend.

TM4A couple of weeks ago, we ventured onto the Peninsula to walk to Godley Head and the entrance to Lyttelton Harbour.  


TM6Starting at Taylors Mistake, it wasn’t long before we strolled passed some batches fronting the sea shore … and then bam!!!!!

TM5Right there hanging from a wall at one of these batches were jandals!  My past had caught up with me – so that’s where all the jandals tossed ended up!



The grin at the mischief one used to get up too was humped all the way up to the spot where gun emplacement ruins lay at peace.  It goes without saying that the view was spectacular, the dots on the ocean below weren’t more jandals but paddle boarders.


Furthermore, my mischief was replaced with military service when I joined the NZ Territorial Force Army in my mid-teens!

TM35It is a walk worth doing.  And if you see your jandal from yesteryear … help yourself!