A lot has happened during the absence of our blog presence nigh on two months ago.

It resulted from establishing some priorities and then making happen.

This was in tune with our February post about our intent to point our noses toward Canada to cycle across; and our March post that simplicity through minimalism has value to improve your happiness.

One was the compass direction (the priority); the other the road map (make it happen).

As I type this blog entry (to get back on track with staying current), we are currently in a town called Penticton, British Columbia in Canada having cycled here from Vancouver!

Backing up the bike, it was a hectic time leading up to our departure of New Zealand.

  • Quit our jobs.
  • Pack, store, clean our residence as we vacated to rent the place out.
  • An opportunity presented itself to purchase a similar residence as a rental property.  So we did.  Two weeks before we were to board the plane, it settled meaning we had to clean, paint and landscape in readiness to rent out.
  • Wind up associations and memberships.
  • Spend time with loved ones.
  • Pack our travel gear and exit New Zealand.

Hiring a smaller storage unit to house our homely possessions supported the need to de-clutter a heap more.  Bonus!

Accumulating a second property could be mis-interpreted  as not simplifying ones footprint.  However, not that we have to justify, we see this as part of our larger plan as the vehicle to generate the income in alignment with our sense of fulfillment to pursue more of what matters most.

And that is to be living a life on the conveyor belt of travel, in the now.

The smells, sights, tastes, touches and sound experiences from the bike seat comes with pushing ones mental and physical ability.

From where we sit each day, happiness comes with both grimaces and grins that are priceless!

Prioritise what is important to you; and then make happen.