Our FB friends – Warren & Suzanne Angus

Ru BC Suzanne Wazza - Dubai1Our friendship with this Kiwi couple originated in Dubai.

Warren and I worked together arriving into the Emirates virtually a week apart.  Many a time was shared over a meal, drink, banter, laugh and taking the piss with each other becoming the commoners bond!

Warren is not a dwarf in character by no means, just short.  And beneath his business attire, he wore an apron. By qualification, he is an exceptional cook and whenever he had his chef hat on, his serving up of meals were always of Michelan Star quality.  Right down to the folding of napkins and placement of cutlery.

Suzanne is certainly a Princess by every means, and tall.  You need someone in a relationship to keep one grounded and even though Warren looked up to her literally, he was firmly grounded many a time for behaviour untoward his character.  Come to think of it, I often got clouted too by Suzanne when associating with Warren, he was just skilled at dragging people down to his height.  I mean level!

SupermanOne year living in Dubai, we shared a Christmas Day with them.  Kiwiana cooking reminded us of the trimmings from home without loved ones.  There was strangulation on purpose when the gift from Warren was a pair of Superman jocks.  Another moment of sense of humour folly prevailing over common sense where size does matter for a fully grown Maori boy like me.

We often bumped into Suzanne running around the Dubai Marina.  The course interwove amongst sky scrapers and moorings like a castle with a moat.  A Princess whom stayed fit for her Court Jester. It once helped when we were transiting through Dubai on our way home after Africa.  Our bags didn’t arrive on the same flight and Claire was able to slip into clothes loaned by Suzanne with grace.  Travels had been kind and I was more toned than before and therefore able to be a true Clarke Kent without strangulation in Warren’s.  Either that or he hadn’t run the Marina as much as Suzanne!

KC27-1aA recent visit to Auckland allowed an opportunity for a sleep over with them both again.  It was a déjà vu episode whereby my luggage bag didn’t turn up on the carousel on arrival.  I was remissive and forgot to put a label on my luggage which bridged the ‘taking the piss banter’ of my situation from his Lordship without hesitation.

Our friendship is one like that, we can pick up a conversation where it was left off even if there is downtime in each other’s presence.  There was another meal cooked by Warren and Suzanne with finesse.  Claire was absent for this visit yet not forgotten as we ate overlooking the Auckland landscape to a setting sun and moments of folly were reflected upon.

Sitting in my new apparel purchased during the day, we were able to be our true selves once again.

More bullshit spoken between a Superman, Court Jester Dwarf and stunning Princess!