30x30A new Face Book friend – Tony Fransen

An impromptu encounter on a return flight from Invercargill last week was made extraordinary through having sat next to a passenger named Tony.

Once we had exchanged salutation pleasantries, our conversation transitioned into sharing life experiences. Tony introduced me to his story about his thirty by thirty list – the concept of listing thirty things one would like to complete before one turns thirty.

I was instantly attracted to listen and learn more about him – I was being inspired by someone I had only just met.

Someone who has volunteered for Project K Youth Development the year prior to us. Someone who has paddled the Wanganui River. Someone who has run a marathon. Someone who faired the open ocean to overcome his fears and swim in an ocean swim event. Someone who has milked a cow in the Arctic Circle!

In my upcoming book “Re-Kindle You”, I refer to a T.I.M.E. habit whereby we need to use our time to associate with people who inspire. How lucky was I to be fortunate enough to sit beside this extraordinary ‘someone’ person – Tony.

And be inspired.

It wasn’t like Tony was going anywhere neither in the hour or so being strapped into a seat beside me on a plane!

Why I loved the words I heard from Tony was because of the passion in his stories – they had purpose, they had substance, they had meaning. This was backed up with him sharing his list for which is the photo of this Ki”we” conversation.

Many of our face book friends have resulted no dissimilar to what happened above. The action from this interaction, I’m now compiling my one hundred by one hundred list.

Extraordinary people inspire ordinary people … cheers Tony.