Our FB friend – Joe Sour


Joe was on the Kaikoura Whale Watch Boat when the marriage proposal rang out over the intercom asking if BClaire would marry me.  Like BClaire, he too slumped in his seat as 70 pairs of eyes all turned to BClaire pending an answer – he was sitting beside her!

KC20-2A favourable response resulted in him witnessing our “we do” on a hillside at the Kaikoura Winery within the year, above the very ocean we shared with the whales on the boat.  It’s been thirteen years since.

Many a time has Joe rocked up and spent an evening sharing a meal or sleeping over.  He inspires us with conversational nomadic persona and grounded perspective of doing what matters most – especially if there is a wave to be surfed or a mountain bike track to be ridden.  Joe is also a master builder and with his apron strapped on, has provided numerous instances swinging his hammer to help our lack of expertise of home handyman-ship.

Once we visited Joe for Christmas when he resided on the Coromandel Peninsula.  He assured us that everything was in order except when we arrived, it wasn’t.  He had relocated to a new abode and didn’t tell the owner we were coming to stay.  And on Christmas morning, we had to locate a dairy to purchase something to eat for Christmas lunch – he had the ham and that was all that he had.  When the owner of the place arrived back unexpectedly during us eating Christmas lunch ham sandwiches, we found ourselves apologising for having made ourselves at home in his bedroom!

KC20-3However, these moments make for brilliant reflective conversations when we see Joe on our turf.  It goes hand in hand with the many times we have cycled the countryside, paddled the shores, or sailed the ocean. Catching up with him at his local coffee spot in Nelson recently, even the seagulls have been given pet names of ‘ya little shit’ and ‘bugger off nuisance’ as they scarpered in to steal the remnants of food from his Eggs Benedict not swallowed.

We missed connecting with his wife Kaye this FB visit who we believe deserves a medal.  It’s been a while since he started working on their house renovation that has been a drawn out work in progress.

We reckon we have easily surpassed the number of nails banged or screws turned with impromptu visits.