Our FB friend – Janine Petrie

J9Janine’s friendship was ignited from the Outaskool days when we cared for Taliya and Jakob, her children.

Janine is a hair dresser that has taken the shears to our scalps many a time. Her reflection in the mirror always effervesces a smile that amplifies her personality to settle nerves as she manoeuvres her tools with precision to within millimetres of both ears.  And I would imagine that her ears would have been party to a number of conversations that would include secrets, gossip and other fictional tittle tattle tales from all those who have parked up for the clippers.

Janine also waxes body hair growth from other parts of the human frame.  Or in my experience, my anatomy!

It was a present that will always go down as being one remembered for being below the belt.  A gift voucher from Janine for my 40th birthday … a back, sack and crack wax!  Holding a firm stance on accepting the challenge in front of other party goers gave me little confidence from the banter, laughter and shaking of heads with grinning white teeth that ensued.

For once, I was a tad apprehensive.

Remember, Janine was our hairdresser.  And also a parent to children we cared for.  So losing the clothes to bare all was easy.  It was the heating of the wax that was to be applied that caused me great embarrassment.  Another parent of children we cared for Tibbo and BClaire were present to witness the under re-moving and kept referencing how not much wax would be needed for the sacks bit.  Some moral support they were teasing a person when his pants were around his ankles about to be plucked like a chicken with feathers.  Them being at the ready with camera and tissue to wipe back the tears of their laughter didn’t help one iota neither!

The back wax introduced me to waxing – swab on the hot sticky stuff using an ice block paddle; then position the patch over the scalding; and then rip …  and quickly repeat the rip again before one had the time to scream  “holy @#%*!”  Numbness trekked down my back towards the bum crack and like a pro, Janine showed true professionalism laughing with me versus at me … except what she didn’t understand was that I wasn’t laughing through any of it.  My clenched teeth was a grimace.

Perhaps the most excruciating experience of all was how Janine applied the wax to the inner thigh.  No instruction was given not to close the leg after the hot wax was smeared on.  Opening the leg ripped out hair without a patch being applied.  I do not exaggerate when I swear I could have felt a molar in my mouth get pulled when this happened! I lasted only two patch pulls on the ride side, agreeing to balance up the look on the left and then I called it quits.  I wasn’t strong enough to finish leaving me with groin racing stripes.

I’m sure it’s become a conversation Janine shares with other patrons who continue to get bare skinned through the waxing method.  We need to be able to look back on life and smile that we tried something new during it.  Every time a candle is lit on a cake as the birthdays pass me by, Janine still haunts me.

Her effervesce smile ignited in my head whenever reflecting!