Our FB friend – Geoffrey Robinson

DSC02990Geoffrey would have to be the longest friend I have had, ever since I can remember.

That’s approximately 46 years worth of friendship.

And ever since I can remember, he has always been the fittest person I have ever known … even today his abdominals are muscle, ribbed and firm!  He is so not allowed to remove his shirt when he is around BClaire or in the presence of other female company!  Furthermore, I am not writing anything about his George Clooney or Richard Gere salt and pepper distinguished compliments neither!

Primary school; secondary school (when he turned up); school holiday fun; Rugby League team mate; best man at his wedding; burning his couch when his marriage ended; equals sincere friendship!

However, to summarise Geoff as our Face Book friend is easy.  He is the only person I know to have taken some advice during a period of despair; gone and walked something we have suggested so as to take some important time out; and then done what I would call undoubtedly remarkable – cycle 11,500 kilometres over two and a half months around Europe.

Actually, that annoys me more than how he looks because not once did he ask us to join him, he knowing how what he did is right up there with our passion to be out on the globe doing it like he did. But knowingly, that is the beauty of having someone who has been out there or is out there doing it … we need someone to be just ahead to inspire us.  It means we grow to become the person we want to become.

Only another 4,500 kilometres to go before we match his biking distance.

I find that far more achievable than trying to replicate Geoff’s abs!

(Geoffrey features in my upcoming book ‘Re-Kindle You’ due for release during September 2015).