Our FB friends – Dwayne & Kirsten Tebbutt


Our last FB visit for 2015 had us park up on the front door step of Dwayne and Kirsten who reside in Mosgiel, an outer suburb of Dunedin.  We were unable to attend their wedding and when we ascertained how long it had been since they said those magical words “I do”, it was well over six years ago since.  They looked happy and there was certainly no indication of any seven year itching on the horizon.

The only scratching of any type was saved for their moggy ‘George’ who is a British Blue Garfield breed of feline.  One wrong stroke however, meant a swipe of a paw to in-bed a claw in the raw of one’s hand.  Any wonder it has a squashed up face with being punched back in the mush often!  Must struggle a bit when he licks his bottom too, not like other full faced cats!

Dwayne is a relic from the dragon boat days where he held his place in the power house section of the boat.  And as we shared our current life exploits – Kirsten had worked with my now company CEO in a previous employment role.  It’s a small world even between timely catch ups.

Dwayne is also the “King” of ‘Ripple Dipple’ or in real terms, the biggest loser of a game once played by fellow dragon boaters.  Each round loss meant the lighting of a flame to singe the end of a wine cork and then whilst still warm, brand one’s face with the charred end of the cork leaving a dot in the shape of a circle.  Where the term ‘ripple dipple’ originated from, who knows, but if you can imagine his face covered in twenty charred circles, he was king!

Reflective stories like this gets one laughing where it hurts the gut.  They are moments from the past that re-kindle timely friendships.  It was a lovely way to end the face book visits ticked off during 2015 as we headed to some off the grid time from the tread mill.

Most bottles of wine now have twist tops.  It is a rarity to find one with a cork  in it nowadays, a sign of the times.  But we love the content of any bottle of vino, and as long as we ripple the pouring of a nice Sav Blanc or Merlot; we will continue to grin with Kirsten at her dipple, Dwayne.

Another rarity should you ever meet him!