Our FB friends – Colin Clapp & Elly McGuinness


“To reduce your waistlines, throw out that processed food in your cupboards.  Over-consumption of the stuff will only make you fat.  Better nutrition will also improve bingo wings from flapping about.”

These are wise words from Elly who once enjoyed a university staple diet of beer, spaghetti bolognese and eating 22 pieces of pizza in a competition against the boys!  Furthermore, she is Mum to two year old Ayla and any signs of pregnancy expansion has long disappeared.

Elly prescribes to what is written in her book ‘The Natural Balance Guide to Burning Fat For Good’.  A reduced waistline, no processed foods in their cupboards, no bingo arms, no beer or spag bol; and the only competing done nowadays is to help others win the race for better nutritional eating and exercise habits.  Finding something to take for morning tea that is vegetarian and gluten free is a chore for us … we love a good sausage roll dipped in processed tomato sauce!

We just about have to take our own gumboot tea and processed milk around too when visiting!

And keeping the family answerable to their life style in other ways is Colin who coaches accountability.  He also helps business owners improve their thinking so that they can get the results that mean the most to them.  Our conversations always inter-link chat that shares knowledge, synergy and where possible, collaborations.

Elly and I were each other’s book accountability coach to keep each other on track with the publishing of our respective books.  Hers was more a ‘pat on the back’ as Elly published toward the end of 2014; for me, it was more a ‘kick up the bum’ eventually publishing November this year.

And with Colin, we are fellow Toastmasters at the same club – it has always been fun watching Colin eat breakfast after a meeting and wondering if what he was eating would be approved by Elly.  Claire wasn’t keeping him accountable neither as she sometimes stuffed in pretty much the same stuff as Colin was too, when she decided to order a breakfast!  I ain’t saying anything either; I have enough of my own lard to worry about, let alone someone else’s management.

Ayla has just turned two and although shy when we first arrived for this face book visit to give her a golden book present; she soon warmed to us and entertained with two year old speak, puzzles and habit of taking off nappy to run nude about the place.

We hold both Mum and Dad accountable.  Why not show off waistlines others would be jealous of  because of the organic foods they consume from their ‘Just Organic’ Food Business they own and operate.

Not us fatties though, sausage rolls are king eh BClaire?!