Arriving back to the apartment, Naya and Bronty invited us to join them for dinner.

Tomorrow was Naya’s birthday and so they were going out to celebrate.  We’d had six hours sleep during the day and got confused that it was the next day after our arrival.  We had arrived only twelve hours before. Cripes, surely the coca tea had left the body!

Flagging down a taxi ride was as simple as putting up your hand right out the front door.  And cheap as, arriving at the venue in the heart of Cusco City.

The huge wooden doors facing a cobblestone plaza were like ones you see on a castle, constructed during the 17th century.  We were committed to dinner and a little apprehensive about what was on the other side.  This wasn’t the intrepid adventurer’s type of eating place when one is on a budget.  We had to duck our heads through the door part of the larger doors, and into “The” Fallen Angel Restaurant and “The” Luxury Guest House, we entered.

This was a place where OMG and HF held hands.  Before we even sat down, first impressions were that we were going to be eating crackers for meals the rest of the trip.

Naya is friends with the owners whom we were introduced to.  They sat with us for dinner which was at an old claw-foot bath tub turned into a fish tank with a glass table top.  The fish swimming just did their thing.

Drinks were ordered, and placed in front of us was a Pisco Sour.  It’s a traditional beverage that all tourists have to try and the alcohol volume concoction is sipped.  A new high enlightenment.

We ordered off the menu.  Well, we didn’t, as our meal was ordered for us, being another traditional dish – Alpaca.  But before we placed our napkins, we were invited to tour the place.

The artwork placement was a combination of ingenuity and frenzy creativity, with over 150 pieces exhibited by several artists in a rotary way.  People who stay often purchase pieces.

The guest house has 5 eclectic, colour themed rooms that are individually decorated with whimsical touches, loft sleeping areas and kitchenettes.  Actors Susan Sarandon and Antonio Banderas have signed the guest register.  On separate occasions of course.

Returning to our bath tub table, we were in awe.  It was beautiful and so I asked how much if we upgraded from our airbnb.  We would be going hungry the remainder of the trip!

And then the entrée, main meal and dessert cuisine arrived.  To sum up, it was authentic Peruvian dishes with flavours constituting the pillars of Peru, with flavours from the Coast, the Highlands and the Jungle of Peru.

The alpaca wrapped in bacon medium cooked, was similar to a glazed ham taste. Not a morsel was left on the plate.  Actually, for all three servings.

We learnt that there are over 3,000 varieties of potatoes grown in Peru.  Spuds used to be poisonous and over time have become domesticated so as to be able to be consumed.  The varieties differ depending on the altitude.

And the dark purple corn we saw in the supermarket earlier in the day?  Well, it’s not used for general consumption, but brewed to make drinks.

Another first to try for another time.

An extra dessert was brought out with a candle in for Naya to extinguish in one puff.  And as we bid our farewell to the owners and a folder with the bill arrived, they had heavily discounted the experience, meaning we didn’t need to eat crackers nor go without food all together.  The remainder of the adventure.

This was a totally unexpected and surreal encounter on the first day of our arrival.  It felt like we had known Naya and Bronty for years.

That was, until they took us out some more.  To the Wild Rover Backpackers Hostel.

Dancing on a table as others did on the bar was another OMG and HF first.  We danced like we were 22 years of age again, knowing full well in the morning, we would feel like 102 years of age.

Except, it was already the new morning.

What first impressions could possibly be in store for us on day 2.