How have we allowed society to become so imbalanced whereby some continue to be saved, at the expense of those being screwed?

Spencer Park made it into the press media over the weekend.

That’s because it’s currently home to a family living in tents whom were evicted from their rental property due to non-payment of rent.

It’s fantastic that the family are now on the ‘Housing New Zealand’ radar to sort out a more permanent residence for them.  I would hasten to guess that Work & Income New Zealand (WINZ and another Government Department) would also be involved somewhere.

That means the tax payer are contributing to assisting this family to get sorted and perhaps beyond.  Well done people.

Evicted Homeless Soapbox1 - Neighbours MobileHowever, full credit to the young couple who moved onto a site beside us three months or so ago.  They are deserved of extra appreciation for sacrificing their ambitions of home ownership for the sake of the tent family.

This young couple were evicted from their rental abode too.

No, they were not behind in rent arrears.  Yes they kept the property in a manner conducive to being at the ready for a spot landlord inspection.  Yes they both work and pay their taxes.  In-fact, they had nearly saved the 10% deposit for their first home.

They were evicted because of EQC repairs to the property.  Understandable.  Once the repairs were to be completed, the landlord was increasing the rent.  It’s market norm.

Evicted Homeless Soapbox2However, around the same time notice was served to vacate, the Reserve Bank changed the rules for first home borrowers to now require a minimum of 20% deposit.  Economic policy supposedly for the better of everyone.

This young couple could no longer afford to pay the extra rent and save the extra deposit amount at the same time.  Furthermore, any form of Government assistance is not available because they fall just above the thresh hold of being classed as middle-class ‘rich’ citizens.

Now they live beside us in a mobile home with open minds to save some more to get that first home.  Family planning too has been put on hold.  Where is the ‘richness’ in their situation I ask?

Oh that’s right, another two to three years of sacrifice to save their hard earned income, so that the Government can take a cut of the interest earned on the deposit savings.  That’s where the richness goes!

Evicted Homeless Soapbox3No one deserves to live in a tent as a last resort before becoming homeless to live on the street.  No one deserves to live in a mobile home as a last resort to save for their first home.  Those in jail or refugees accepted into our country so as to be seen favourably on the global stage get better living conditions!

What about the previous tent family’s landlord now disadvantaged through inconvenience to return his property back to a standard fit for renting.  Or being out of pocket for rent arrears?

Personal responsibility and making individual choices are two freedoms we have by living in New Zealand.

Or do we?

Hurry up Housing New Zealand and make good on the media promise of you finding a home to save the tent family.

Out of sight, out of mind so that getting screwed can carry on here at Spencer Park.