Deciding to walk the Te Araroa Walk from Cape Reinga to Bluff later this year was easy. It interrupted our plans to trek the Appalachian Trial in the US somewhat for the better. We get to experience our own back yard first hand!

The bit between when we were leaving to go off wander the AT (March) and starting the stepping out the TA (October) became the disruption … what should we do?

Remain on the tread mill or get on the conveyor belt early?

Chit chat + doodling + white board mind mapping + what matters most = get travelling to explore more.

Canada Imagae

We exit New Zealand with noses pointed toward Canada, landing in Vancouver on 6th May. From there, it’s purchasing a tandem, getting on, and start pedaling.

From Vancouver to St John by bike.

Pffft, the deciding what to do has been the hardest part.

The rest … too easy!