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What Will Be Your Life’s Items To Be Placed on Your Casket?

If you ain’t going dream it – design it and go do it, then what items will you place on your casket to represent your life’s passions? Some words shared after conducting a funeral earlier in the day …

ANZAC Day, New Zealand – We Commemorate Those Who Fought For Our Freedom

Today here in New Zealand, we commemorate those fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom in global conflicts throughout history. Called ANZAC Day, it stemmed from the campaign during WW1 on the shores of Gallipoli, Turkey. Brings back memories of us walking the 370kms to Gallipoli from Istanbul to attend a dawn service there back in 2011.

Today though, it was one here in our home city of Christchurch.

The sound of the bugle being renditioned always has the hairs on the back of the neck stand to attention.

Then, making the most of the autumn day, it was a walk along the beach, a little adventure that is free.

Perhaps because of those that fought for our freedom.

So, lest we forget.

Switch It Up Just A Few More Steps

Switching out and switching up during today’s micro-adventure made for a far greater reward in a better food nourishment choice and, a more spectacular view.

The destination was the same – feel goooooooood.

Isn’t that was life is about?

Find A Purpose To Get Out There

Find a purpose to get out there on a micro-adventure and then give it meaning by doing.

The reward might be a sausage roll which adds substance to what you end up doing.

Once swallowed of course.  After chewing.  Which is before purchasing.  Because you ventured.

I’ll stop now.

Switch Things Around & Make Time For the Impromptu Micro-adventure

Perhaps our first instinct is to check our calendar or diary to see what’s on when asked to join a mate or friend or just people doing a micro-adventure activity in the outdoors.

The question becomes, can you re-arrange your schedule so that you can get out an do it?

Sure it takes diplomacy when the task may involve a third person.  Or even if it’s a special day.

The conversation can be a heck of a lot more fruitful when you are out of breath doing it … you don’t speak so much BS, that’s for sure.

Try this challenge of accepting an outdoor activity for the next 21 days when asked, by moving your diary around to participate. As much as you can to be adventuring, whilst you still can.

A MAD Mall Micro-Adventure, Where Age is No Barrier

MAD is the acronym for Marie, Alison and Dianne.

I introduced myself to them this morning on a micro-adventure in a Mall.

Yep, you read that right, before the shops opened.

Alison has been doing what I involved myself with for 13 years; Dianne for 7 years and Marie, for as long as she can remember as next month she turns 87 years of age.

Nothing MAD about them!

Age is not a barrier for this micro-adventure AND, you keep in shape too.

Even if gravity has taken a hold!

Inclement Weather Should Not Deter a Micro-Adventure

Inclement weather should not deter a micro-adventure … there is nothing compared to mud in your face and grit between your teeth.

My only wish … remembering my water bottle. Ahem!

The Hamburger Tattoo Challenge – We Need Micro Goals to Achieve Bigger Goals

Part of designing our FB friends visit goal is the sacrifices we include today for making the tomorrow a reality.

Saving dollars by not spending on consumable doodads is a discipline – there needs to be a micro goal to achieve the bigger goal.

Once I gave up eating any type of hamburger (whether commercial or home made) in response to a challenge I failed at. If I took one mouthful within the year, I was to get a tattoo of a hamburger on my person.

I love McDonald’s Bic Macs. They are the meat and three vege meal so easy and accessible to give you the nutrients a body needs. Now I know that many of you would disagree … processed food etc, etc, etc. However, another debate for another time.

My question (and point) is that each time I spend dollars on them, is it taking me closer to my goal or further away from my goal? Of course, further away.

So, let me repeat my hamburger challenge to help with the savings – no hamburgers of any type for one year starting 1 June 2015. And if I do, a tattoo of a hamburger on my person.

To go with the other four I have!

The sacrifices we make, for making tomorrow a reality.

And so begins the journey …


… and so begins the job of mapping our FB friends from around the planet … the first beer, wine, coffee or tea happens on the 4th July 2015 …

… it starts.

Seasons of Best

11/12/14 My Work DeskFor the next 90 days – do whatever it takes to become the best employee in your office; then for the next 90 days – do whatever it takes to become the best employee in your company; then for the next 90 days – do what it takes to become the best employee in your industry; and then for the next 90 days, do what it takes to become the best at the new opportunities that will present themselves .

Wealthy individuals make themselves invaluable to their employers; filter their emotions; associate with other successful people; and have focus, persistence & patience.

You cannot control the outcome of a wish, but you can control the outcome of a goal.

Keep going.

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