At present, we are Brent and Claire Ruru ‘no friends’ or to be more exact, ‘no neighbours.’

Brent & Claire No FriendsOur caravan backs onto a fence line of poplar trees and outwards onto adjacent camping ground which for most part of the year lies empty and open.

Up until two weeks ago, we had semi-permanent neighbours either side of us however, they had to vacate their sites in readiness for the Christmas Holiday festive season campers due out in the coming week or so.  Our solitude, peace and tranquillity is going to become one of cohabitation, tent city and population growth to full capacity with the hope of befriending some during their stay.

Through the poplar tree fence line live a bunch of folk like us who also reside in caravans, approximately 20 abodes in all.  Of course, we are friends with a number of them and are often the butt of jokes to get ridiculed about being smelly neighbours and hence, no neighbours.  Either that, or we are classed as over-stayers because we negotiated with camp welfare to be allowed to stay on our site indefinitely.

Our site is large enough to park our car on it, however, for most of the time  we have tended to park it on the opposite side of the road in a spot that will soon be the earth of a holiday camper.  In jest, I made the remark to a tree line neighbour that we should get a disability car park sign painted on the ground (no offence) to reserve the current spot and be able to park our car there during the coming busy time as a joke.  Let’s face it, everyone  keeps reminding BClaire that she married someone with some kind of disability!

Disabled Car ParkTo wake up and unzip the awning door the next morning and see someone had in fact painted a red square around our car in dye overnight was quite entertaining.  Even more hilarious was that the culprit dyed the grass in jandals or flip flops and therefore, coloured his feet the same coloured dye meaning that he was caught red footed as being the guilty one for doing the graffiti!

It’s been five days since the episode and we have naturally continued to park inside the square on arriving home as a habit.

‘Wayne’ the neighbour has worn knee high socks since then also.

Caught Red FootedSome friend after all, thank god he’s not our immediate next door neighbour!