Sometimes we just need to be reminded how to change ourselves for the better.  Or be reminded to pursue more of what matters most in order to have greater successes at having, being or doing.

The feedback received from readers of ‘Re-Kindle You’ has been that it has reminded them of how simple changing or pursuing should be in this easy to read, easy to relate to, easy to apply step-by-step book.

A common sense approach to goal setting to become a better you, this book will also remind you that a lot of time is wasted in dusting when life is short.

Just ask those who contributed to Chapter 8 ‘Lives Re-Kindled’.  They share their story of how they came to the place of pursuing more of what matters most.

Consider Nikki who was walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail in Spain when we crossed paths. Standing on her feet all day and being shepherded from hair salon to hair salon, she was in a state of flux at the thought of returning home to her job as a hairdresser in the U.S.

Following our conversation, Nikki walked to the next town, had her scissors shipped over to Spain, quit her job and for the next six months, walked backwards and forwards on the Camino cutting peoples hair.  What an amazing hair salon eventuating from that one conversation.

Do you think she was a lot happier?  You bet.

It was that simple.

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