Autumn 2014 ColoursWow, nearly 90 days have passed since the last entry on therurus blog!  That’s a whole season if you think about it.  And as fingers tap the keyboard, that is actually in-fact what has happened – a change of seasons at the caravan campsite.

The reverse of spring colour is now the colour of autumn – reds, ambers, yellows, browns and purples.

As trees continue to shed their summer coats, the leaf rake has never been so popular.  And given we back onto a row of Poplar trees, some of them had some rather fully laden furs!

Poplar Trees Behind CaravanBut raking isn’t a chore not enjoyed.  Starting in one spot and zig-zagging the ground our home rests upon, it doesn’t take long for green to reappear housing piles of leaves to look like an acne landscape.

A bonus is the thoughts that one unconsciously reflects about scraping the earth’s surface in the peace and solitude of owning the rake.  A cool breeze blows slightly, but the mounds hold together providing enough time to be bundled up and placed into compost bags.

Bugger, no one around to throw them at!

Autumn Leaves 2014Daylight saving has kicked in – what used to be 6.00am is now 5.00am.  Some sleep the extra hour of trying not to adjust to the new time zone.  I welcome the extra hour of darkness because that is when wildlife out here are at their best – bird songs and calls remind us of how fortunate we are to be away from the pollution of suburbia.

However, some sunrises boast the colour of cloud crimson.

It reminds me of that old saying, “Red sky at night, shepherds delight; red sky in the morning, shepherds warning.”

Piles of Leaves Ready For CompostAnother season is nigh – that would be the winter one.

And it started early this year, with a vengeance!

Time to store the summer costumes and get out our winter furs.

More importantly, I’ll try not to ‘leaf’ not blogging for so long!