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Our names are Brent and Claire Ruru and we are an ordinary couple of middle-aged Kiwi’s from New Zealand (to the right of Australia in the Pacific).

We may be a little older than some adventurers out there nonetheless, we still have all our marbles to be amongst it still.  For now! (Oww, are we allowed to use the same word twice in a sentence?  Eeek, is that the start of losing it?)

Welcome and thank you for stopping by The Rurus – Adventure Before Dementia.

It was when we walked 360+km from Istanbul to Gallipoli in Turkey (April 2011) that started an intentional shift to downsize our footprint, possessions and consumption to take up smarter habits to live a more simplistic lifestyle.

Living with less has provided us with more freedom to pursue more of what matters most, with more meaning and more substance.  Most importantly, it has allowed us to travel a heap more whilst the bodies still can.  Before we truly do lose our marbles!

(Mind you, on one occasion when we returned to New Zealand and lived in a tent for seven weeks followed by a caravan for three and a bit years … folk did whisper that they thought we had lost our marbles!)

It was all part and parcel of our newly crafted ‘life purpose’:

“By 2015, we start the journey to visit every single one of our friends in person on our face book page where ever they are located on the planet to share a glass of wine or beer or cup of tea or coffee.”

It’s a big and audacious purpose we know.  It’s just that all the self-help guru books out there say ‘dream big’ and so we did.  That and started visiting face book friends.  On the planet. In person.  (Cycling 7,500kms by tandem across Canada during 2016 to tick off some visits from the West Coast to the East Coast was a bonus!)

It has allowed us to wander the globe and get lost on incredible country-sides; taste local cuisines; discover remarkable cultures; converse with home-grown citizens and, meet up with our worldly face book connections to raise a glass.  Or two or three!

We aren’t special and we aren’t independently wealthy.  Our lives though have been transformed significantly for the better.  We have become enriched.  From both simplistic living and travel.


It’s the core behind this website.

To capture experiences collected, to share lessons taken and with a bit of luck, inspire you to also be reminded to pursue more of what matters most.  For more meaningful happiness.  Whatever that adventure may be.

Before you too start losing your marbles!

Adventure before dementia.

The Rurus