The moment the mountain bike soared up leaving the ramp, I knew I was in trouble.

201214 CB4 - Clavicle break xrayInstinct unfortunately froze to let gravity do its thing … and gravity didn’t disappoint.  Having gone over the front of the bike’s handle bars, my helmet and shoulder took the full impact of body hitting the dirt track hard.  And the ground was unforgiving.

It was my last interface with a Project K student I mentor for 2014 and we chose to do an activity he is passionate about – BMX riding.  I was riding my mountain bike with clip in shoes and it only took a momentary lapse of concentration to change the Christmas festive season holiday break like no other.


211214 CB6 - Pending the operation1The arrival of the paramedics assured me that the lump in the shoulder was a bone split into two.  The ambulance personnel referred to the word “broken” in a number of sentences; and the hospital x-rays confirmed that I had indeed severely snapped my clavicle.  I was admitted to hospital pending an operation to insert a plate to re-align.



241214 CB10 - Clavicle repair xrayFour days later, on the eve of Christmas, the reconstruction surgery eventuated.





251214 CB15I got to encounter the coming and going of Santa, as I did BClaire and Cameron whom joined me briefly on the ward to consume their ham and cheese croissants, as I scoffed traditional turkey and cranberry sauce hospital cuisine style.


Ticking all the boxes on Boxing Day, I was discharged to start the process of time and heal.

251214 CB11 - Christmas Day 2014What a fascinating experience.  New friendships made over the bond of broken limbs.  Being pampered by a realm of brilliant caregivers at the push of a button.  The pink pills to make all the blues of pain go away.  My place of employment value my contribution to offer peace of mind recovery support.  And the number of face book friends who ticked ‘like’ when someone is hurting had me smiling.

Finishing off my Christmas shopping; working through as part of the skeleton team; taking our recently purchased second bedroom on wheels for a tiki-tour around the South Island on the stat days; playing ‘zombie’ tag with the child campers invading our slice of paradise over the holiday period; ramp up the fitness training so as to complete the Motatapu mountain bike ride followed by the St Clair half marathon – evaporated as soon as I went soaring up and over.

251214 CB16 - Christmas Day 2014It was certainly a Christmas holiday break like no other.