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9/9/16 St John’s to Holyrood: Here Moosey Moosey Mossey!

dsc06061-1280x853The transition from cycle to car has been halarious … our rig was longer than the pregnant roller skate we have hired to go see a Moose! They make the pictures on advertising so distorted when infact, they are so contracted! But alas, everything we own (apart from Fatty 29) fits in and if worst comes to worst and we run out of juice in the middle of no-where, we have shelter. Even if we have to sleep in the feotal position.

A number of cyclists finish their cross country adventure at Cape Spear. It’s the most Easterly point in Northern America before they plop into the Atlantic Ocean. Canada begins here! … or ends, depending on which way you are going. Full credit to those who pedal the mighty incline to reach it. The steepness is real, jeez, even we had doubts our roller skate would reach the bit that broughs!




The weather over the last couple of days has turned to pea soup. We have been so lucky to arrive when we did as the view from the platform was 2-3 metres, the fog was thick and amplified from the variety of fog horns warning ships that land was ahoy. We’ll take the sunny day riding over any moisture day for sure. The roller skate also gives us the luxury to venture further and the road we did take had us pass through a lovely little seaside village of Petty Harbour. Small fishing boats and seagulls made for the perfect diorama picture. The smell of fish and bait and sea weed was crisp and fresh. This is how we envisaged Newfoundland, it was stunning.



A night stop over in the little township where we were gifted the bread on our way to St John’s, Holyrood was our rest for the night. We got on the road a little later than expected due to more bike trasportation formalities. However, we have started the search for the elusive wilderbeast that can run faster than us and cause death by stomping.

Here Moosey Moosey Moosey!

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  1. Funny you talk about the elusive moose. We drove from east to west n across to Labrador city n are yet to see this mythical creature.

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