After bidding ‘Au Revior’ to Michele and JG, the wheels on the bike went round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bike went round and round, much better with the new brakes installed!

DSC04469-1024x1536Nearly all of New Zealand’s population lives in Montreal City and it’s surrounding suburbs. Heaps of ‘Bonjours’ to people from home look-a-likes resulted as we followed a bike route on the north side of the city. It took us a good couple of hours to zag and zig and exit the island and ride into Terrebonne and then Charlemagne.







Whilst stopped at a Charlemagne road junction to determine the right google map direction to proceed with, a cyclist rocked up and asked if we were actually from New Zealand. Once it was established we were, he invited us stop at his house for the night to have a bed and share a beer. We accepted and met up a short time later to be escorted to Repentigny and another homestay opportunity.

His name was Paul-emile and we were introduced to his partner Louise after arriving home to find two strangers sitting in her house. Louise was kind enough to take me down to an acohol outlet to purchase some more NZ wine to share with supper, it was the least we could do. However, an embarrassing moment eventuated whereby I had left my wallet behind meaning Louise had to settle the bill. OMG, talk about a dipshit! I was the bain of many a jib from then on by both Paul-emile and Claire.

Ironically, it was like we had known these two as long time friends as the rapport strengthened. It kind of happened as the vino took hold that the hosts purchased, ahem! Paul-emile couldn’t remember my name let alone pronounce it for a large part of the second half of the evening. Just ask him to pronounce the word “minimalist”. I’m sure that it came out sounding like “Orangutan!”

Repentigny is home to an amunitions factory where Paul-emile’s Mum worked at during WWII manufacturing munitions for the Allies. Cigarettes and lighters were not allowed on the site grounds due to potential explosion danger. When a worker ignored such and lit up, it accidently caught part of the factory on fire. The worker was sealed off to confine the situation and unfortunately charred to death. We die and learn sometimes; the factory still stands today doing what it did yesteryear.

Repentigny is also home to Celine Dion. Didn’t see her except for her name on a street sign and then again on a Pizza joint.

DSC04484-1280x853There was some seriousness amongst the belly laughing. Their son and step-son represented Canada at the Olympic Games in both Vancouver (2010) and Russia (2014) bringing home gold in the speed skating discipline. The emotions of proudness re-kindled now the Olympic Games are currently being played out in Rio. Doesn’tmatter if they are summer, the gold is still the same colour no matter the season.

But alas, there was no medal for my ‘no wallet’ phopar. I stood alone on the podium for that one.


I knew Claire should have said we were Australian when Paul-emile rode up. A little white lie would have changed this blog entirely!