The weather permitted and it was back on the rig for the onwards and upwards.

DSC02324-1280x853We came over the first brow and holy crap, the view before us was a monstrous bridge structure. As we rode across, even the older brother straddling the river beside was just as picturesque.



Another major road work construction zone had us be the sole traffic between lolly pops. They halted everyone else so we could climb the three football fields up and be out of harms way. They were clearing blast rubble and preparing for the next. All the remaining climbs without the escort were with out incident too apart from the puffing and panting to suck up the air to keep the leg pistons turning.

It certainly was hard yacker of roller coaster riding. Even the smaller road farts were slow.

The landscape of mountain meeting water was just beautiful. It gave us the energy intake to replenish the mind, body and soul being tested.


Native trees rimmed the roadside; rock formations exuded colour of exposed earth; bumble bees attended to their nectar hunting; clarity to the bottom of the shallows at the lake side waters edge; and when at height, disbelief at the limitless view of water expanse extending to the planets curviture and it being a lake versus the sea.







The breeze was fresh when down hilling, the new treads increased the use of brakes more.

DSC02361-1280x853A road-side caravan stall enticed us to stop for an ice-cream. Bellies full of ‘maple and walnut’ and ‘mocca fudge’ were absorbed quickly into the system. Made the last 15 kms just that little bit more enjoyable.

Food fixes everything!