DSC01408-1024x683The strong sou’west tail wind the moment we embarked to the moment we disembarked was a delight, especially when pushed up an undulation. Keeping both hands on the steering was paramount as the blustery gusts un-centred the bike frame somewhat. Even without a sail it was plain sailing all the way, the distance covered today taking five and a half hours.

DSC01415-1024x683Fields of grass swayed like waves across the grasslands. The wind had pylons whistling the same notes. Tumbleweeds tried to strike at us like we were a ten pin bowling pin. A spit could land on the opposite side of our directional double traffic lane, that was cool. What wasn’t was when Claire sneezed into the wind – you can guess where that went!


Over the howl of the wind came, “Get off ya f@#$%&*n mongrel” from behind.

Surely not directed at me, the one responsible for keeping the bike steered forward; the one responsible for changing the gears to the pace speed; the one responsible for applying the brakes to slow or come to a halt; 50% responsibility of the partnership keeping the bike upright and stablelized … need I write more!


Claire had loosened her cycle top zipper to allow anatomy to breath under the rays of the sun and a beastie bug flew right on in and landed. Both her hands were removed from her handle bar grips with profuse slapping and flapping of shirt, wobbling the bike simultaneously. Thank goodness what ever had hitch hiked either detached or was squashed flat by the over reaction comotion.

Paul from yesterday had warned us that the insects are only going to become more of an issue the further up the road we get. If what happened was anything to go by, is Bushmans 80% deet insect repellent okay to rub onto boobie cleverage?

Huh, another responsibility if I too, ahem!