Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes of North America. It is the largest fresh water lake in the world by land surface; and the 3rd largest fresh water lake in the world by volume.

DSC02291-1280x853Some of the moisture from all that fresh water was in the form of fog as we departed Thunder Bay this morning. Bikes aren’t allowed on the highway so we had to navigate out of the city boundary using suburban streets. Unfortunately, we couldn’t even use the fog as the reason for getting lost meaning half a dozen extra kilometres of saddle time. And we missed the Terry Fox memorial where the young fella’s run across Canada ended because of his ill health, because of our exit confusion. It became a case of get over it and get on with it.




A car passed us and tooted and naturaly instints has us wave. A little further up the road, it’s occupants were waiting for us having recognised our New Zealand tops. We stopped to chat. Gary was the Dad. His wife and him had recently visited New Zealand. Chris was his son. He is currently on a working holiday in New Zealand except back home in Canada for the arrival of his sisters baby. A proud Uncle to be.


Taking advantage to use the bathroom, their lounge has stuffed owls hanging from the walls. They were gorgeous and how could they not be? Ruru in Maori means More Pork. A More Pork in New Zealand is a type of Owl. Ahem!




We exchanged contact details with Chris and as we wobbled off, we were confident that we will connect in the flesh down under a some stage.

DSC02316-1280x853Todays ride was double the kms of yesterday and the day before plus some. The start of circling the upper edge of Lake Superior introduced us to moments of thigh burn due to lumpy topography. We were nearly running on empty when just 9 kms out from Nipigon, we happened upon some major road works construction. We were stopped by a lolly pop guy who informed us that blasting was about to take place up the road. All the other traffic was stopped some kms back and another worker arrived in a ute to advise us, “You guys have the best front row seats.”

Within five minutes, two sirens went off and with voices over the walkie talkie giving warning – boompher! The land below us shook and boulders rose up to cover the road up ahead. “This is messy” gurgled over the walkie talkie. But the precision of machinery had the road to be cycled cleared within fifteen minutes and then the lolly pop ‘go’ was given.

Well wishing cheers streamed from the on-coming line of vehicles as we rode passed. It made the last kms easier to complete.DSC02319-1280x853

A totally unexpected experience today, it was a blast.